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Companies in every industry acknowledge that data is one of their most important assets. But, companies are falling short of realizing the potential of data because of the proliferation of data silos. Snowflake has created the Data Cloud to solve this problem. The Data Cloud is a global network where thousands of organizations mobilize data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance. Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single and seamless experience across multiple public clouds, eliminating all previous silos.

Snowflake Data Cloud Platform

Snowflake’s platform powers the Data Cloud by eliminating the complexity, cost, and constraints inherent with other approaches.
The Data Cloud enables 3 key things – Access, Governance, and Action. Access means that organizations can discover and share data without physically moving it, at a near-unlimited scale and regardless of the format of that data. Governance means knowing and controlling your data in a way that can enable collaboration while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. And action means that you can empower every part of your business with data to build better products, make faster decisions, create new revenue streams, and realize the value of your greatest untapped asset – data.

Customers integrate a wide range of data sources — structured, semi-structured and soon, unstructured — and deliver it for various uses, including ad-hoc analytics, real-time reporting or data monetization.


Available as a service on leading cloud providers, Snowflake eliminates architectural complexity so you can run many workloads with the elasticity, performance and scale required by the modern enterprise.

ATS Partnership with Snowflake

As a Snowflake Premium License Reseller Partner in India, ATS offers enterprise-level comprehensive Cloud Data Warehouse solutions. Our competency centre with Snowflake experts helps your business leverage Snowflake’s one platform for many workloads with no data silos.

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Snowflake Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snowflake?
Snowflake’s platform is the engine that powers the Data Cloud. Using the platform, you instantly become part of the Data Cloud and can operate all of your workloads in the Data Cloud. Snowflake delivers a combination of significant performance and high concurrency with affordability at multi-levels.
What is Snowflake used for?
Snowflake Data Platform enables faster and more accessible data storage, processing and analytic solutions with unparallel flexibility than standard offerings. Snowflake is a unique data platform built on AWS cloud infrastructure. Organizations need not set up and configure the Snowflake data platform and dedicate any in-house servers.
Why Snowflake is better?
Snowflake enables customers to replace a complex and costly web of technologies with a single extensible platform. Existing technologies were not built for the cloud and couldn’t keep up with next-generation requirements (elasticity, performance, etc.). This has left customers with a workbench of point solutions that requires constant maintenance and effort to satisfy point-in-time requirements from data consumers.
Why choose ATS for Snowflake Data Platform?
ATS is a Premium License Reseller and Solution Partner with Snowflake. Our localized sales and pre-sales experts on Snowflake help drive faster demos, provide guided evaluation of the platform and present relevant case studies to help you choose Snowflake for your organizational BI needs.

Secure access, integrate & analyse your data with near-infinite scalability, enabled automatically